Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Student Becomes the Teacher

Yesterday I had the opportunity to read an interesting article about the "new" industry of metaphysics. The author pointed out that we are surrounded by gurus in the western world now including people like Wayne Dyer and Eckhart Tolle just to name a few.
These teachers are very motivational in bringing us towards a way of thought and are a wonderful addition to the western world. The problem that we have in many cases is that we tend to listen to their teaching and move towards an uplifted state when listening but many times fail to practice what they are teaching.

The authors made a very good point in that we all should of course listen and learn when we are first awakening but then it is time to begin the true journey. In order to follow this journey it is important to meditate daily and to reflect on ourselves and the world around us.
When we release and begin to explore our inner selves we open an entirely different world. The student becomes the teacher and we begin to follow our true life's path. We find happiness in the mundane and the world unfolds in all of its glory.

With this said I have a challenge for you in the next month.  Take time out of every day and meditate.  This is really a simple process of sitting for 10 minutes and letting go of everything.  Close down the computer, shut of the TV, turn off your cell phone and enjoy the state of just being. 

Meditation is really just about being quiet and enjoying the feeling of complete nothingness.  One of the ways that I began my journey into meditation was to use a mantra when meditating.  I often do this when the world gets crazy around me and I need to come back to a state of calm and peace.  Here are instructions on creating peace once a day in your life.

  1.     Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down
  2.      You can use a meditation app on your phone or computer or a timer to set for 10 minutes
  3.    If you want to close your eyes do so or you can also meditate with your eyes open.  If you are meditating with your eyes open find a spot on the floor or wall and fixate your eyes on this spot.
  4.    Relax and concentrate on deep breathing 
  5.        To begin meditation it is a good idea to use a mantra so that you are able to clear the mind of all thoughts.  I use the word “peace”.  Repeat in your mind the word peace over and over throughout the 10 minutes.  If you notice that you begin to think of other things release this and come back to your mantra 
  6.       Enjoy the feeling

Meditation is an easy and effective way to create peace and clarity.  When you use this technique daily you will find that the world becomes a wonderful place to live in and that happiness comes from within.  I wish you luck and prosperity in the days to come.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What is Truth?

I saw a quote the other day that really made me stand back and think.  The quote said this: It’s funny how everybody considers honesty a virtue, yet no one wants to hear the truth.  The questions that immediately flashed into my mind were these. What is truth?  Is it predominantly the same for every person?  Is there one final truth in everything?

We as human’s share this space we call earth and yet we have so many different perspectives of what the “truth” is when it comes to so many things.  The dictionary defines truth as a judgment, proposition, or idea that is true or accepted as true. So is truth the same for one as it is to another?  I think not.

We can express our opinion on a subject but there is not one truth.  What we believe is our truth and may not be the truth of another.  It is our duty of citizens of this earth to respect others opinions and to walk in harmony with one another.   While sharing of ideas is a wonderful way to expand our horizons and grow we need to respect one another and the path that they choose.

I suggest when we come together as one community, one nation and one world that we look at each person’s right to believe their truth.  When we discuss anything it is with an open mind and an open heart.  We are all just living in this space temporarily and so we should respect each person’s right to live the life that is true and just for them.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Power of Focus in Your Life

So many people spend their lives focusing on what they don’t want or what they don’t have.  Is this the way to bring our dreams and aspirations into our lives?  Can we focus on the negative to bring in the positive?
Let’s think about driving down the road.  If you use the concept of focusing on what you don’t want you will look at all of the trees on the side of the road, what is in your rear view mirror and the telephone poles on the side of the road.  We would never take our eyes off of these things. 
Can you now imagine what would happen?  We would in all likelihood be crashing into the back of the car in front of us.  Now let’s think about the way that we actually drive down the road.  We keep our eyes on the road.  We are focused on where we want to go.  We are aware of the trees and telephone poles beside us occasionally glancing into the rear view mirror but our focus is on the road where we are going.
This is exactly how we should focus on the world and our driving path through life.  When we focus on where we want to go and the positive we begin to create a world of abundance.  So how can we create this mindset that will keep us on the path towards what we want and appreciation for what we have in life?
  1. When you catch yourself obsessing about something you don’t want take a moment and think about something you are grateful for in your life.  Even if it is the air you breathe.
  2. Now that you are in a state of gratitude reverse this thought and create a positive thought of where you want to be.
  3.   Feel that you are already there and the wonderful abundance and positive energy in your life.  It will soon be just that.
Life is what we create and think about so when you go through your day focus on the positive.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thinking Thin: How to Eat With Mindfulness for Weight Loss

Mindful eating has become more popular in the last couple of years.  The phrase “mindful eating” may seem like a fad but it is actually an ancient concept that has been proven as beneficial especially due to the modern challenges we face day to day.  Eating for pure enjoyment and focusing on the eating is something that we have lost over the years.  With fast food restaurants and grabbing a quick lunch at your desk, the process of thinking about what we are eating has been lost.

Mindful eating is a form of mindfulness that incorporates the practice of being fully present and non-judgmentally aware of the act of eating.  We predominantly go through our day judging everything that we do and others do.  This is truly about enjoying the act of eating but also listening to our body mind and spirit during the ritual of eating.
Because many people are stressed they or we tend to over eat.  This can happen without even knowing that you are doing this.  Mindful eating is an excellent strategy for stopping this pattern of mindless eating and learning how to really enjoy the food that we are eating.
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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Living in a World of Abundance

When we talk about living in a world of abundance do you think of just money?  How do we define abundance?  Can we have an abundant life filled with the people, places and things that we have always dreamed of?  Are there steps that we can take to create a life of abundance?
A man worked his entire life building an empire.  He worked day in and day out on creating a life that had all the things he could every want.  He had a private jet, a fleet of cars, yachts and fine homes to name just a few of his possessions.  As he sat one day contemplating on all of his possessions he realized that he used his jet to go to business meeting and his yachts to entertain business associates. His homes remained empty unless he was there on business. 
He surveyed his home and saw no one there except for the hired help.  He began to look inward and found that he felt empty in many areas of his life.  What was it that had given him such a plentiful life that was so lonely and isolated from others?  As he sat and contemplated he thought back on the lessons that were learned from his past.  He remembered his mother telling him that he must choice between building an empire or having a family and friends. He remembered his father telling him that it is lonely at the top.
As he reflected on these teaching he began to question if this was in fact true.  He had proved that in fact it was by his current lifestyle or had he?  Can I have it all he thought to himself?  Is it possible?  Then he remembered reading something about how the universe is made up of energy and that we can draw to us anything that we desire just by thinking it and creating it.
He thought to himself if I could build this empire I can do anything it is time to rethink my thoughts and create a world filled with loving people and the riches of the world.  It is time to be grateful and to give back to the world. It is time to find inner peace within my soul and to expand my understanding of myself.
And he did just that he began to surround himself with love first only in thoughts and actions.  The universe responded with its glorious miracle and gave him just what he wished for, a life filled with abundance in every sense of the word.
Living in abundance is about creating a path for yourself that is true.  The key to truly creating a life that is full of abundance in every part of your life is about understanding what that path is; so many times we begin down a path in life and have it laid out in front of us.  We are determined and the path begins to revile itself and open but then we begin to question this.  We begin to doubt the universe.  This can be due to past teaching or through our own self-doubt. 
So what is it that we need to do to stay on course and to create the nirvana that is our individual heaven on earth?  We must begin by looking inward and understanding our blocks that may be preventing us from fully engaging in our dream.  We must love our selves unconditionally.  But I believe that one of the best tools is to write down our dreams and to continue to reinforce these daily. 
We are human and therefore our memories can be flawed but a pad of paper or a vision board can be a reinforcing tool that can help us to stay on track and realize our dreams. Abundance is about living a life full of the people, places and things that create happiness and the universe or God wants this for you. You can create and are the creator of your destiny!